October 15, 2005


This is Iowa, one of our four pets. Iowa is almost perfect. She has a ferocious bark that would scare off anyone. I love it, I have seen the delivery man throw a package on the hedges and honk his horn until I came out to see it. I feel really safe and secure when she's there. I always tell everyone (pizza delivery guy, or whoever) "wait, let me put my dog up. " I don't ever want to say, "Oh, don't worry, she won't bite!" I want people to think she'll tear them to shreds. The only thing I don't like about her is that, dang, that dawg stinks! I bathe her, but I guess not frequently enough. Oh well, all pets are high maintenance in some way. Take my cat, Cowboy George for example. Sure, I don't have to bother to put out fresh water for him; he'd rather drink out of the fishbowl. But cleaning that litter box every day gets old. And my two fish; Captain Fantastic, and Messina Hoff are always dirtying up their water. Sigh.... You feed something and it poops. That's the way it goes, I guess.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a coinkidink...I'm FROM Iowa, and I never thought of our state as vicious. Just goes to show ya , I guess. My grandparents had a dog like yours named Pod (short for "padre" because he liked to scare the hell out of people...he actually ENJOYED it! Go figure).

Your sister Julie directed me over to your blog...you're a good writer, and a lot of fun to read! Tell your sis that Sudiegirl came to visit. She'll roll her eyes and start to groan, but just ignore her. I'm a nice person, REALLY! :0)



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Blogger Ivy the Goober said...

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