October 29, 2005

Number Two On My List is a Nap

If I could just get more than ONE thing done today. Sigh... Besides for finally getting to the early voting location (after each one directed me to another until I got to the right place on the FOURTH try) I have pretty much done everything half-assed today. I am jumping from one thing to another leaving almost everything undone. I decided I was going to try to stay off the computer some today. But it kept drawing me back. So I set up the easel and all my paints and a brand new canvas out on the back porch. I was determined to get some fresh air and some more practice on my portraits. The whole set-up was outside for about 4 hours. Canvas still stark white as I flitted around to about fourteen other things. One of them was attempting to update the look of my site. After only a couple thousand tries, I finally got some things rearranged and some links to work. I can't even count the number of times I had to put it back like it was because I screwed it up. I think I will just pay someone I found on a webpage to design it for me. I think I saw Hoss and Chris and Lois as sites in their portfolio. I have a look in my mind that I can't translate to html. It might as well be Japanese. I think on one try my site was in Japanese! Until I restored it again. One thing for sure, html is a four-letter word. Sort of. To me anyway. Oh poo... I just thought of something I might be able to accomplish - a nap. And unless (or until?) the phone rings I just might be able to finish it.

I will leave you with this deep thought that I wrote a few days ago since Hoss (slacker) is taking it easy on weekends.

Today I was standing on the curb waiting for a bus. I looked down in the street and thought, "Ah! There’s a lucky penny!" Then it occurred to me… just how lucky can it be? It’s been thrown down or dropped, deemed unworthy of someone’s effort to reach down and pick it back up, obviously been run over by several cars… and now if it’s really lucky, I’ll pick it up and put it in my smelly shoe?


Blogger Jona said...

The penny was waiting for *you* and is honoured to sit in your shoe! Probabaly not mad keen about it being smelly though ;o)

3:33 PM  
Anonymous www.oldhorsetailsnake.blogspot.com said...

Good on ya, kid. I am going to swipe from you. You will know what it is when you see it, Monday or Tuesday. I'm secretive about it till then because of the lashing you gave me today. Heh.

(And finally getting ylu on my Geriatric Ward.)

4:04 PM  
Blogger OldHorsetailSnake said...

If you haven't already signed up with a web page designer, check http://spotsy.blogspot.com. That's his home page. Somewhere on there is a link to his designer blog. He's very good (did mine), and a victim of Katrina, so can use the dough. Charges cheap, $35-50.

4:44 PM  
Blogger FTS said...

Can I suggest one thing?



6:05 PM  
Blogger Karlos said...

Aswirl. What a great word. I like those "A" words...like, awry, askew, amiss asunder ah-choo...well, maybe not ah-choo. :-)


5:44 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Hey Ivy, I'm with Hoss on the blog design thing. Blogs Gone Wild is a great web design site, and Se7en is a peach to work with.

9:17 AM  

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