October 21, 2005

My Back Pack

Some people have made fun of me for carrying a big backpack around everywhere I go. Oh yeah, it’s SO funny until they need something like, say an Allen wrench, or a tire pump and I come through for them. Hey – I grew up watching “Let’s Make a Deal” after school. They don’t make purses big enough for women like me.
A man on the elevator this morning commented that I looked like I was ready to scale the building. I thought maybe I had actually turned into a super-hero, like Spiderwoman or something, but then I realized he was referring to my backpack. That backpack sure is a conversation piece. It reminded me of the time I was told that I looked like I was packed to jump out of a plane. And the time someone said I looked like I was ready to go on a mountain trek. These people don’t realize how much I appreciate their unsolicited opinions of how I look. They give me ideas…
One morning two women were talking loudly on the bus which made it very difficult for me to take my nap. I felt trapped in there and couldn’t escape the torture of their voices. I briefly considered the emergency exit, but we were on the freeway and I might get hurt jumping out. So I tore through my backpack looking for something to stuff in my ears and found a tampon. I shredded it up and put some of the cotton in each ear. Ahhhh, blissful silence. But now I couldn’t sleep because I wanted to come up with 101 uses for a tampon. How do those people come up with 101 uses for anything? I couldn’t think of more than two!


Blogger Peter said...

They lift and seperate, the straps on the back-pack not the tampons, one for each ear = two!!

9:48 PM  
Anonymous Tamara said...

Hi there!

Just a quick note to say "welcome to the blogsphere" and to let you know you are featured on the New Blog Showcase this week.

6:28 AM  
Blogger Mal said...

found your blog from your daughters Rat Queen Mallory... You've got some funny stuff here! But c'mon! If you watched all that TV with Monte Hall you'd know that tampons can be used for Horseback riding, swimming, gymnastics, etc etc... Oh, wait, you mean REAL practical uses for a tampon.




2:11 PM  

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