October 23, 2005

Mother Of The Year? Doubtful...

Well, I guess I won’t be awarded "Mother of the Year" again! One of my best friends deserves that title, though. Despite my best efforts to shield my children from women like her, my son found out that meals can be prepared in other ways besides pouring milk in a bowl, or setting the timer on the microwave. A couple of years ago, she and her son took us camping. For days afterward my son kept raving about all the FOOD we ate and how great it tasted. Fearing that he might expect me to actually start cooking that way, I put one arm around his shoulder, lowered my head and tried to look a little sad. "I know, honey, it’s too bad food like that can only be prepared outdoors – OUTSIDE of the city limits."

My son moved out at the age of 17 – just a couple of weeks after high school graduation. As I sat with him and his roommate, signing papers at the leasing office, the apartment manager reminded the boys that technically I could have a key to their place since I was a co-signer* on the lease. It seemed to me that my son stopped breathing – I don’t know, maybe he was just concentrating really hard on the fine print of the forms. His roommate made funny jokes like – "If you had a key, Mrs. Smith you could come clean our apartment, or fill the fridge with groceries." Was it my imagination or was my son willing himself to become invisible? I turned to the roommate and asked, "Why do you think my son is moving out? I never did any of those things at home!"

*Big mistake, big, big mistake. How many of you out there are saying, "I could have told you THAT!"


Blogger Huw said...

Wow! Apartment Managers are *evil* round your way.

2:12 AM  
Anonymous Ash's Dad said...

You captured the moment. I can feel the pain. Yours and his.

5:44 AM  
Blogger Monique said...

I'm here via Hoss. I love your sense of humor and will definitely be back!

8:23 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

LOL! too funny. Thanks for the Momday morning chuckle.

9:38 AM  
Blogger FunkyB said...

I'm here via someone I can't remember (my short term memory sucks) but I'm glad I came by. That first paragraph rings so true in my house that I can't stop giggling! I'm bookmarking you, and I will be back!

10:28 AM  
Blogger Thumper said...

Echoing the big mistake statement...been there done that, will never co-sign again, no matter how much I love the kid...

12:33 PM  
Blogger familyiseverything said...

yes they do grow up way too quickly. I am trying to take it all in and take mental snapshots, you know to remember the really special moments. Well that and my notebook. But it scares me to think that they are going to be all grown up one day.

2:04 PM  
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