October 20, 2005

Have A Nice Fall, Part oooooh.

Sometimes I can’t sleep at night thinking of all the fun I used to have riding my friend’s horse. A saddle would have been nice - with a seatbelt. But I was young then, and healed fast. I’m not sure that horses are in total agreement with that philosophy of “getting right back on” when you fall off. Wonder if he admired my persistence? Wonder if he felt that same “closeness” the time he suddenly stopped and my body slid around in front of him, my arms still around his neck. When I looked past his nose, up into his big brown eyes, I felt like we really connected there for a moment.
Isn’t it amazing how much noise a body can make while tumbling down the wooden stairs of a big, old house? Even if the house has been turned into a popular restaurant/bar. The sounds of elbows and knees hitting steps on the descent can be heard above the kitchen noise, the chatter and laughter of the diners, and the music playing upstairs. By comparison, the crawl back up to retrieve the shoe that didn’t make it all the way down with me was eerily silent.


Blogger Peter said...

You should have just tucked that missing shoe in your waisband. Deal on the yuletide for H***, don't want him to know we're talkin' about him.

6:23 AM  
Blogger OldHorsetailSnake said...

You're getting nice and funny, Goober. I am going to promote your blog one day soon, maybe tomorrow (Saturday). It should get you one more hit. Hee.

11:31 AM  
Blogger Ivy the Goober said...

If you do that, Old Hoss... this crush could turn into a full-blown obsession. Be afraid... Be very afraid :)

5:44 PM  
Blogger Marti said...

OMG darlin', were we separated at birth or what? LOL

Why yes, I DO know what it sounds like for a human body to fall down the stairs!

I am a klutz-extraordinaire, have broken both ankles twice, (now have metal shafts in both) amputated and had reattached my right index finger, have more stitches than a baseball, and am on a first name basis with the ER folks.

We have to exchange links and stories - LOL!

You've got a great writing style, thank you for sharing your stories!

And thanks to oldhorsetailsnake for the link!

2:03 PM  
Anonymous Ash's Dad said...

Excellent stories.

When I was in that same position with a horse named Kelly, I kinda thought she was looking down her nose at me. You know what I mean?

6:39 AM  

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