October 17, 2005

Even Steven

A friend recently admitted to me that she has the same weird compulsive need that I have for things to be even. You know what I mean, like if I spin clockwise, I need to spin counterclockwise to unwind. If I walk across a checkered floor and my left foot hits the black tile one more time than my right foot I have to take an extra step. Each leg gets an equal amount of time getting to be on top when I sit with them crossed. But here's what I have been losing sleep over; I will never be able to even out the number of times the right rear tire of my vehicle has hit the curb in a right-hand turn.

Then I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night, my eyes flew open and I sat right up in bed. I realized that pushing the clutch in the truck with my LEFT foot balances out all those curb-checks with the RIGHT tire!


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